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Don’t worry, the title is probably the most unimaginative thing on this site. The rest isn’t so bad 😀

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Flight Anxiety (Short Story)

ByDavid Kerr Genre: Comedy/Drama/Surreal “Look, no, listen- Mum? Mum! Yes, I’m getting on the plane, now.” Alice pulled a face at her phone, tongue stuck out and her eyes wide.“No, mum, that’s because I AM drunk. Uh-huh. Well, I’m not getting on the sodding thing sober am I? Oh, don’t patronise me, they’re levitating deathContinue reading “Flight Anxiety (Short Story)”

Celestial Light (Poem)

ByDavid Kerr She walks up to the lakeAnd stands beside the rim.Looking hard into the depthsShe thinks only of him. The time & stars so infiniteEach one a burning sunIn a sea of diamonds strewn She focuses on one A light so bright & shimmering It pierces waters blackShe peers into the depths againAnd thenContinue reading “Celestial Light (Poem)”

2x2x2 (Poetry)

ByDavid Kerr Little plastic cubes,They stack them one by oneClosed and mostly viewless,Each for everyone Tiny little worlds,Stay a month or year,Crammed in lifeless places,A future so unclear Shrinking, closing boxesInside, I crave a little viewMy soul would run in fields right now,If I could just see you.

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